Monday, September 5, 2011

My pot belleh

One of the young mums I know, who has two kids and has another one due in November, introduced me to a website full of mums and expecting mums it's kind of strange. You make a profile and add pictures of your belly or your children. And there are tonnes of contests, either the best pregnant belly at whatever week, or cutest smile etc. This isn't meant to offend anyone that reads this that might be a member of the site, but, the impression you get from some of the mums is just.. sad. Like, that's all they do with their lives and they have nothing better to do. It's sad that some people really are in that situation where that's all they can do, it just seems obsessive that's all.

I haven't gained anymore so far, THANK GOD. 
I'll post you a picture of my nightmare belly.


  1. i think you look adorable. i wish i could pull off wearing glasses like that. i'm glad someone has admitted that they think moms who are strictly moms online&off, are kind of dreary. thanks for that. stay strong, doll.

  2. I want your glasses! I think your bump is kind of cute. I've been on that site with my cousin when she was pregnant and we found some of the users on there simply... A wee bit obsessive I guess.

    I hate waking up more than sleeping too. Especially when you are really comfortable and warm. xx

  3. You are so BEAUTIFUL! Your belly is absolutely amazing. Ahhh, I love pregnancy.
    I gotta say, you're very lucky. You're one of those people who get pregnant and stay tiny everywhere except the stomach. Most women get fat everywhere. Ohhh, you look divine.
    Do you have doctor appointments or ultrasounds? I'd love to read a post about them.
    You're doing great gorgeous girl!