Friday, September 2, 2011


So i'm 20 weeks pregnant now, and so far i've gained 4 kilos. Feeling very insecure and uncomfortable right now. I'm sick of my damn boyfriend wanting to eat McDonalds and Hungry Jacks, I've been so out of control i let myself eat what i want (which is way too much)! I disgust myself.
From now on, if i must gain weight, i want it to be necessary weight, not from fat, just from the baby (and the other pregnancy things), not just from me being a gigantic greedy pig.
Addicted to green Granny Smith apples at the moment. They are so delicious!


  1. 8.8lbs is quite an healthy amount right now.
    Granny Smith apples are so good. I could live on them if they didn't hurt my teeth so much.

  2. 4kg is a great amount. You're gonna have a beautiful pregnant body! And then after your baby is born, you can work out hard and lose it all again. Actually, breast feeding helps to lose weight after birth, so if you plan on doing that it will help. I'm so excited for you!