Wednesday, September 14, 2011


So, as sick as I am I found a pregnancy weight calculator (harhar) which tells you how much weight you are supposed to gain week by week. It shows an an average, overaverage and underaverage. Since I'm a teen i'm supposed to gain more (don't understand why). Anyway, i'm secretly over the moon as i think i'm about 56-57kg (still disgusting) and i should really be 59-61kg. 
It's so disturbing how it makes me feel, so, joyous and proud, like i'm achieving something. On a few pregnancy forums i'm on everyones complaining "Oh shit i've already gained 12 kgs" or 'whoopsies, i've gained more then I should by the time i'm at the end of the pregnancy." 
It feels like a competition. 
I'm winning.

So far today i've eaten a FATTY mcfat - Spicy Chicken Wrap from Hungry Jacks - a whopping 472 calories. It's almost dinner time, and i'm eating salad, so :D Low calories for meee. Unless i give into cravings (so uncontrollable), then i'll just binge and mope in sadness.

Lately things in my life have been.. out of my control. The feeling of being powerless and not in control really triggers me to s/h. I'm way past that, but sometimes i am tempted to just.. bleed out the pain. 

Anyway, will post  about that another time.

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