Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Been awhile

I only feel worthy enough coming on here as i just did over an hour and a half of work out DVD's. Zumba (my fave) and i tried the Ministry of Sound  "Pump It Up" workout DVD's. They were alright, but it was really just full of sexy girls in g-strings flipping there hair around and pelvic thrusts (which you can't do when you're 24 weeks pregnant lmao). So i just did what i could do and i feel FANTASTIC!

I was really bummed this morning as my mother-in-law promised to take me to aqua-aerobics this morning, i got dressed and was ready and everything, and she rung me and told me she couldn't do it. WAS SO ANNOYED. I hate getting dressed up and then feeling like a fool when you have to change. I made the most of it and did the workout vids instead, which i am VERY glad i did.

My eating is more under control lately, i barely eat anything until dinner. BUT i have like an ice cream before bed (ahhh it's so hard not to give in), but at least i'm not eating anywhere near what i WAS eating.

I don't know my weight still, i've gained heaps i think. I can see my thighs touch again, it's so.. soul-crushing.


  1. You're always worthy of coming on here.
    This should be your safe place.
    Love you, dear.

  2. Im sure you look amazing hun ;) x